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How Much, How Many, How Often?January 1
What A Price For Foolishness!January 1
"A Little Fellow's Dad"January 1
The Curse Of Religious DivisionJanuary 8
What Happened To...PLAIN OLD BIBLES?January 8
Are There Christians In Denominations?January 15
To ParentsJanuary 22
From Parent To ChildJanuary 22
Robbing GodJanuary 22
What Is The Proper Way To Refer To A Preacher?January 29
Living With Hideous MonstersJanuary 29
Those We LoveJanuary 29
Remembering Your Creator Demands Knowing Your CreatorFebruary 5
No Progress Without PracticeFebruary 5
The Booing SpectatorFebruary 12
"Ye Do Err Not Knowing The Scriptures..."February 12
A Case Of Mistaken IdentityFebruary 12
Some Bible Questions AskedFebruary 19
Things By Which Man Is SavedFebruary 19
The Bible Does Not Say:February 19
Today's Child Experts: "Punishment Does Not Help"February 26
3 "R's" For The YoungFebruary 26
"What Do You Do For Fun?"February 26
Not Given To "Much" WineMarch 4
Options Married People Do NOT HaveMarch 4
How Does The Lord "Open" HeartsMarch 4
Are You Friends Of The World Or Friends Of God?March 11
Do We Mean What We Sing?March 11
Getting Serious About SinMarch 11
Not Our Workmanship But HisMarch 18
Fat Doctors Who SmokeMarch 18
This ChurchMarch 25
Suggestions On Christian LivingMarch 25
Should I Stop?April 1
A Study Of Romans 14 (Part 1)April 8
A Study Of Romans 14 (Part 2)April 15
Should We Read The Bible?April 22
Those Were The DaysApril 22
Effective DisciplineApril 29
The Next GenerationApril 29
12 Reasons For Church AttendanceMay 6
Garage Sale Grace and Flea Market SalvationMay 6
"As Becometh Saints"May 13
Change For Our Children?May 13
How Do I Know What My Priorities Are?May 20
Up YonderMay 20
Living With Your ConscienceMay 27
From Heartburn To Itching EarsMay 27
Drawing Strength From The Courage Of OthersJune 3
The Time Is Drawing NearJune 3
The Value Of GodJune 10
The Time Has ArrivedJune 10
In The Good Old SummertimeJune 17
What's God Got To Do With Marriage Anyhow?"June 17
Postfixed DivorcesJune 24
Commitment In MarriageJune 24
"Stuyvesant HS Students Hold 'Slutty Wednesday' To Protest School's Strict Dress Code Policy"July 1
Not With Your Sword Nor With Your BowJuly 1
They Need To Repent AlsoJuly 8
The AverageJuly 8
What If Everyone Was Just Like Me?July 8
Our Duties To The Local CongregationJuly 8
In Word Or DeedJuly 15
Fake Television Evangelists I.Q. TestJuly 15
More Than Once For More Than One ReasonJuly 22
'It Doesn't Say Not To'July 22
Before God -- Before MenJuly 22
God's FacebookJuly 29
How Could Moses Enter Heaven But Not The Promised LandJuly 29
Try To RememberAugust 5
Reading Between The LinesAugust 5
AciremaAugust 12
Contrary RealityAugust 12
Beware Of NormalAugust 19
Broken WingsAugust 19
I Believe, and I Know Why I BelieveAugust 19
Encourage Your Children To Be Spiritually MindedAugust 26
"Shamefastness" and DressAugust 26
Building My Case By Comparing To The LeastAugust 26
Junk E-MailSeptember 2
Mental Self-DisciplineSeptember 2
Does A New Life Form Mean God Is Dead?September 9
The Convincing Power Of ProphecySeptember 9
How To Survive SchoolSeptember 16
The Culture Of No ConsequencesSeptember 16
The New Normal?September 23
Satan teaches God's LoveSeptember 23
The Time Is Drawing NearSeptember 30
The 5 P's Of A Successful Gospel MeetingSeptember 30
The Meeting Is Here!! What Am I Going To Do About It?October 7
Was Cornelius Saved Before and Without Water Baptism?October 7
Baby Dolls, Beauty Pagents, And The Sexualization Of ChildrenOctober 14
Do You Possess Good People Skills?October 14
Attending Bible Classes: What Does It Say About A Christian?October 21
"Traditional" vs. "Contemporary"October 21
Quotes To PonderOctober 21
It's Time To HateOctober 28
"Hard To Understand"October 28
What And Why We PreachNovember 4
Did Alexander Campbell Start The Church Of Christ?November 11
Are Church Choirs and Solos Scriptural?November 18
Was The Death Of Stephen Unnecessary?November 25
You Must Be Right To Begin!November 25
ConsistencyNovember 25
All We HaveDecember 2
This Week Will Be 12/12/12December 9
What's Happening To Our Young People?December 9
Is The End Near?December 16
Bearing What We Need To HearDecember 16
Fact & Fiction About The Birth Of ChristDecember 23
Are You Interested?December 23
IronyDecember 23
The Last DayDecember 30
Can Churches Heal America?December 30

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