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VOL. 14                                                                                                      August 9, 2015                                                                                                               NO. 22



Continuation of last issue showing how Hollywood has contributed to sowing the winds that are breaking down our society, culture and even the Lord’s church.


Hollywood over the years has rewritten the Bible to entertain audiences, not to promote truth and right. Their movie “Noah’s Ark” is a prime example of their trash. NO! I didn’t see the movie, but this has been reported by some who did see this work of trash. Hollywood showed its true colors to the Bible believing world. They start with a disclaimer. “For dramatic effect, we have taken poetic license with some of the events of the mighty epic of Noah and the flood.” What an understatement. They inserted Sodom and Gommorah into the story along with Lot whom they pictured as an unsuccessful, poor, bumbling fool. Sodom and Gommorah and Lot occurred many years after the flood. Look it up in the Bible to be sure. The events of the flood are found in Gen.7-9, while Sodom, Gommorah and Lot are located in Gen.19. Along with these absurdities they picture God acting and speaking in a irreverent way, giving a name to Noah’s wife (Naamah) and picture the ark being attachked by a gang of pirates. They also picture Mrs Noah riding a horse on the ark and singing “we-do-do-do what we must-must-must till we bust-bust-bust.” 


How many young impressionable minds have been unduly influenced by such nonsense? George Gerbner, of the Annenberg School of Communication is quoted as saying, “If you can write a nation’s stories, you needn’t worry about who makes its laws.” When you sow the wind you can expect to reap the whirlwind.


Yes, Hollywood is rewriting the scripts for America to follow. Movies and TV programing are being used to re-shape our thinking about capital punishment, sexual perversions of all types (premarital sex, infidelity, unscriptural divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, abortion). With the recent happenings in our country, who can deny that the portrayal of these sexual perversions by the entertainment industry have systematically broken down our social resistance to such practices?


TV and movies appeal to the prurient interests of mankind. Sex and violence sell. It seems that prime time TV has become a contest to see which network can cram the most sex and violence into their programs. The only sex that seems forbidden is sex between husband and wife. Michael Medved in his book “Hollywood vs. America: Culture and the War on Traditional Values, ”That on TV, references to sex outside marriage are 14 times more common than sex inside marriage.” I think we can see that the continual sowing of sexual immorality on TV and in movies has produced a devastating harvest of immorality into our society!


Yes, TV and movies have had a great influence on reshaping the cultural thinking of America. Today their screens convey filth of all kinds to impressionable minds, almost on a daily basis. Since the 60s (maybe earlier) the programs have little by little replaced the moral values of our founding fathers, based on the Christian ethics found in the Bible, replacing them with secular humanist values.


This is no wonder since “Televisions creative leaders have moved toward a markedly more secular orientation. 93% had a religious upbringing, the majority (59%) in the Jewish faith, An additional 25% were raised in some Protestant denomination, and the remaining 12% as Catholics. Currently, however, 45% claim no religious affiliation whatsoever, more than 6 times the number of those who were not raised in any religious tradition. This is greater than the proportion who currently profess to any particular religion. Defections have occurred from all faith, so that only 38% now call themselves Jews, 12 % remain Protestant, and 5 % have retained their Catholic faith. Moreover, most of those remaining affiliations appear to be purely nominal. 93% say they seldom or never attend religious services.” “Watching America,” Lichter, Lichter, and Rothman, pgs 13-14.


In some statistics published in “Public Opinion” Lichter-Rothman via “America Betrayed” by Marlin Maddoux, (this was published before 1998-99, probably higher now) points out clearly the Secular-Humanist leanings of the leaders of the TV and Movie industry. In a survey of 240 leading broadcasters, writers and executives who control what gets on TV and in our major newspapers, here is the report. Seldom attend religious services 86%. Adultery is acceptable behavior 47%. Homosexuality is acceptable 76%. Let homosexuals teach in schools 85%. Pro-abortion 90%, No laws on sex 95%. Those who produce these primetime TV programs are a little worse. Seldom attend religious services 93%. Adultery is acceptable behavior 51%. Homosexuality is acceptable 80%. Let homosexuals teach in school 86%. Pro-abortion 97%.


With such statistics as these, what more can we expect from a group so predominantly non-religious, anti-religious and secular? The decline in personal morality to a great extent, can be traced directly to the sewage being portrayed in the programs coming out of Hollywood. These leaders are rapidly making the amorality and immorality of Hollywood the morals of America. Truly, they have sown the wind, ridiculing truth and righteousness, while at the same time glorifying sin, perversion and wickedness. Our society is reaping the whirlwind of depravity, ungodliness and violence.                                                                                                                   (To be continued)  


—Tommy Thornhill

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE MUSIC WE LISTEN TO:


The music we listen to, the music we enjoy, the music we sing does two things: 

(1) It reveals our taste, our appetite, what we are interested in, what appeals to us, and, therefore, the kind of person we are. 

(2) It exerts an influence upon us, playing a role in molding our thoughts, attitudes, conduct and character, and, therefore, the kind of person we are becoming. And that’s rather powerful! 

The most important part of music (purely instrumental excepted) is the lyrics, the words, and the lyrics of much of most kinds of music are becoming worse with every new generation. So suggestive, so vulgar, so obscene, so crude, so violent, so tasteless are the lyrics of many

songs that they have to be edited before being printed in the magazines sold to the public. If you want the full text, you have to buy the albums, many of which come with complete printed sets of the lyrics, or listen closely as the songs are played on the radio stations. 

God help us for what, to a large extent, music has become.

As parents, we need to know what our children are listening to, and as adults we need to he concerned about what we are listening to. 

—Bill Crews

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