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Summertime is a delightful season in many ways. It is joyfully anticipated by school children and teachers who need to relax from the regimen of the classroom. It is usually a time for many families to take a much needed trip to a place where they can have fun and enjoy themselves. But, as God’s people, let us remember that as Christians we are always Christians wherever we are and at whatever time of year it may be. Christianity is a year-round religion. However, during the summer, there are certain temptations that we must overcome and avoid. Let us notice some of them in this short article:


1. Neglected worship. We are taught not to forsake the assemblies of the church (Heb. 10:25). But some who have been regular in their attendance during other seasons of the year will start allowing summer activities to get in the way, and they will start missing the services of the church. Some will take vacation trips with carefully laid out plans for food, lodging and entertainment, but with no advance planning or thought to where they are going to meet to worship with the saints on the Lord’s day. Christians should not plan vacations and weekend trips with no intentions of attending the worship services of a faithful congregation. This is very unwise and will weaken one’s faith.


2. Neglected local obligations. Every Christian is to support the work of the local congregation by giving cheerfully on the first day of the week (1 Cor. 16:1-2). How could any child of God think that he is excused from this responsibility because it is summertime? Why should the work of the local church suffer because Christians fail to “make up” their contributions after they return from a trip? One thing is for certain, congregational expenses do not cease during the summer.


3. Indecent exposure. Some think the moment the weather warms up, it is time to start taking off their clothes, and begin wearing skimpy clothing that leaves most of their bodies exposed. The Apostle Paul plainly says that Christians are to dress modestly (orderly and decent), with propriety (with a sense of dignity, shame, with the ability to blush), and with moderation (seriousness which reflects a heart of modesty and purity) (1 Tim. 2:9-10). Another problem with immodesty is that the person dressing in such a manner can cause another person to sin (Matt. 5:28). If parents have not instilled a sense of modesty in their children’s hearts and minds when they are very young, by the time they reach adolescence, it is probably too late. Do you as a parent, or as a husband, want your daughter or wife to become sex objects when they appear in public wearing skimpy, immodest clothing, tight, revealing outfits, swim suits, costumes, uniforms, etc. Do you want your wife or daughter to be the objects of vulgar leers of worldly men who make it a point to lust after and observe their nakedness in scanty, revealing clothing? Is dressing (or better yet, undressing) this way becoming to a Christian? Think about it!  Some years back, the Army did a study concerning how soldiers should dress in tropical, desert climates. They found that skin temperatures were actually cooler when they wore loose long pants, as opposed to knee-shorts worn by British soldiers. If you will notice, those who live in hot, desert areas, wear loose, long, light-colored clothing that covers the entire body. Exposing our skin when it is hot is not to be used as an excuse to stay cool and dress immodestly.

May we all have a pleasant summer season. But please remember your responsibilities as a Christian. Don’t allow the casual, easy-going spirit of the warmer months to sear your conscience and weaken your faith in God.

---R.J. Evans

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In the “Speaking Out” article of the Gainesville Sun (May 22, 2012), Jeff Jones defends the need to legalize same-sex marriages in part because he is homosexual and in part of the inevitability of same-sex marriages becoming legal in the U.S. In defining relationships he speaks of “same-sex couples” in contrast to “straight couples.” What is not ‘straight’ is crooked or warped and same-sex relationships are by nature against the norm. The anatomy of same-sex marriages prohibits normal functions of the body and regardless of how the homosexual community tries to redefine “family”, children are created by a man and a woman. Same-sex couples are abnormal by definition.

Mr. Jones’ question “What’s God got to do with marriage anyway” is confusing since he does not believe in God nor the revelation of the mind of God to man. He admits that whether homosexuals have a right to marriage “is entirely beside the point.” Further he concludes that “whether or not God thinks same-sex marriage is okay” does not take away the discriminatory nature of present day laws. Any argument made from God’s standpoint is “religious and moral … not a legal argument.” The confusion lies in why he would even suggest a belief in a God whom he is unwilling to follow and cast the idea that God would condemn homosexuality as without merit.

What does God have to do with marriage anyway? Since He is the one who created the relationship of a man and woman (Genesis 1-2) and since He is the one who established the law of that relationship confirmed by His Son (Matthew 19) then it would seem to obvious that there is only one Judge, Lawgiver and King (Isaiah 33:22; James 4:12). Whether or not the United States of America legalizes same-sex marriage does not change the Law of God (Psalm 119:89). King Herod massacred the children of Bethlehem (murder) looking for Jesus (Matthew 2:16-18) under the cloak of his own legal authority. I assume if it is legal then it must be right?

Disallowing same-sex couples the same rights as normal couples is not discriminatory; it is understanding that God has never nor will ever approve of the vile passion in exchanging the natural use for what is against nature. Homosexuality is unclean, lustful, dishonoring, a lie, shameful (Romans 1:24-27) and will only lead to a face to face with the Creator who will open the despised book in the eyes of man and show His judgment upon those who served themselves instead of the Creator. You see, the conclusion of the whole matter is whether man is right or the Bible is right. “Let God be true but every man a liar” (Romans 3:4). Marriage according to the Creator is one man and one woman.

It is not unlikely that one day “same-sex marriage” will be legal in every State. While this is an alarming thought it must be remembered that no matter the legal justification men give for establishing law, the Lawgiver still holds the final word. As in nature, man will go against the will of the natural order of how God established things and then he will “reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7). Abraham Lincoln said, “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher.” These words are bearing truth in our nation today. Stand for truth today or there will be nothing to stand for tomorrow.

---Kent Heaton

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