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VOL. 7                           June 1, 2008                           NO. 19

The Battlefield In America

    I do not make it a habit of promoting movies, but I must strongly recommend one that is currently in theaters that I believe every Christian needs to see, especially parents. The movie is titled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." The movie's premise is that certain professors and scientists in this country are being systematically - but covertly - silenced and, subsequently, effectively blackballed from their fields simply because they are asking questions that challenge the 'accepted' views of the scientific and educational communities in this country. Several individuals who have been on the receiving end of this intellectual censorship were shown in the movie and when their silencers were given an opportunity to explain themselves, most disingenuously described the terminations as 'unrelated' to their questions or controversial statements, or would not even bother to answer.

    So, what horrible things were these individuals saying and what preposterous and disturbing questions were they asking? You might want to sit down for this, cover your children's eyes and get ready to write your Congressman. Are you ready?

    They dared challenge the scientific theory of evolution as the only credible explanation for life and some actually put forth the questions many individuals have [scientists included] about the numerous flaws in the Darwinian theory.

    Yep. That's it!

    The sad fact is, this has been going on for decades in this country, with little opposition because of the very things exposed in this movie: intimidation and fear of ostracization. With decades of unfettered access to our schools of higher education by means of these tactics and with teams of lawyers ready to sue anyone who doesn't toe the line, the atheistic professors have now given us a couple of generations of citizens who have been force-fed the evolutionists' faulty theories with no access in these same schools to differing, yet completely logical and scientific views. Is it any wonder that more and more young people coming out of these schools do not believe in God, especially when they are taught that everything is explainable by 'science' and something [or Someone, i.e., God] cannot exist if you cannot see it? It is a circular argument to say that the majority of scientists are atheists; of course they are! They have been taught to be atheists by the very system of education in which they were enrolled because that system does not provide differing conclusions than that of the 'party line' of 'There is no God!' (cf. Psa. 14:1)!

    And I urge you who are willing to go see this movie to pay close attention to the attitudes of those who so firmly and militantly espouse the Darwinian theory. Pay particular attention to their views of people like you and me who dare believe in God, and God the Creator of all things.

    When one professor - who was a former associate and 'close friend' of one of the professors who dared posit the idea that Intelligent Design is a plausible explanation for our origin [and who, after 10 years of successful astronomical research, including the discovery of two planets, was inexplicably terminated] - was asked about his former colleague, his immediate reply was that he had no negative perceptions of him. But then Ben Stein [the movie's narrator] read a letter he had sent to another colleague and asked him about those words. What did he say in his letter? He called the 'close friend' an 'idiot.' Caught in his lie, the professor stammered and nervously laughed and tried to get Stein [and us] to believe he meant that term for 'the other idiots' - those who believe in God and who are trying to get others to believe God created all things.

    This professor's use of the word 'idiot' was intentional. In fact, he is merely drawing from Richard Dawkins' own usage, except Dawkins [when writing] makes sure he says 'IDiots.' [The capitalized letters are a not-so-subtle reference to anyone who believes in Intelligent Design; isn't he so witty?] Dawkins uses much stronger language regarding those who believe in God, theorizing that they suffer from sort of 'infection by mental virus.' [The God Delusion, p. 188.] In his opening remarks, he quotes Robert M. Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, who said, "When one person suffers from delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from delusion, it is called Religion." [ibid., p. 5.] His view of the New Testament: "Many Gospel stories were invented to fulfil Old Testament prophecies." [This is from an article on his website entitled "Bible Belter."] Such is to be expected from the supposed 'intellectuals' who reject any notion of a Creator and who have elevated themselves above the rest of the 'idiots' who believe.

    And when given an opportunity to give us their vastly-superior scholarly and intellectual conclusions they have deduced from their years of scientific study as to how we got here, it was laughable - if I didn't know they were deadly serious. One professor who took pleasure in ridiculing the idea of a Supreme Creator, when asked about our origins, proposed that single-celled creatures 'piggy-backed on crystals' as his scientific explanation of our origin. When Stein, understandably, didn't quite grasp such depths of intellectualism and scholarly dissertation asked again, the professor would only say, "I just told you." Dawkins, who so vehemently denies Intelligent Design, ultimately theorized that highly-evolved beings from outer space 'seeded' our planet with life, from which we all evolved. Stein, in an aside, lampooned Dawkins by asking incredulously, "Richard Dawkins believes in Intelligent Design?!?!"]

    I urge all of you who read this to go see this movie so you can see the enemy we face in our modern world; I want you to recognize your enemy, hear and see the tactics they are using, and arm yourselves for the spiritual fight in which we are engaged. And I want you to be engaged! Sitting idly by and being a spectator is not an option. These people are in high positions within our education system and your children are being force-fed this tripe. We need to prepare our children to [1] know the evidence within God's creation and know the reasonable conclusions that would agree with God's written word, [2] know the Scriptures so they can refute false accusations and assumptions about the faith, and [3] be bold enough to stand and defend the truth instead of silently allowing such utter falsehoods and ungodly assertions and theories to go unchallenged or unrefuted.

    This, friends and brethren, is the battlefield in America today. Atheists have become emboldened to speak up because mainstream religion has so diluted the faith and has become so like the world that they know the masses do not have education enough in the scientific fields, let alone the Scriptures, to dare challenge them and their false assertions, false conclusions, and false accusations made against all faiths. I will readily refute the false religions, too, but men such as Richard Dawkins see any type of religious belief as a mental defect.

    As was noted in the movie, this is the same tactic used by Hitler's Nazism of the early twentieth century. When he followed the theory of 'natural selection' to its logical end, Hitler honestly believed that ridding society of misfits, the mentally retarded, and the handicapped was for the betterment of society as a whole. It was a small step to equate an unwanted segment of society [the Jews] with 'apes' and just as unworthy of living. Dawkins, in asserting that people of faith have a mental defect, is headed down that same road. If Dawkins had the society he so avidly desires, you and I would be in the concentration camps.

---Steven Harper

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