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Part 2

by Donnie Radar

Life As A Preacher's Wife


How long were you married?

Fifty-five years.

How did you build a love that lasted 55 years? What's the key?

Well, I never gave that any thought. We never considered divorce. Murder, yes, but not divorce. I married knowing this is for life. You've got to make the best of it good or bad. This idea that people live together for 55 years and never have any cross words or disagreements  I think that's foolish. If that's true, there is one of them that has no mind of his own.

We were both interested in the same things. We were interested in spiritual things. It's easier to build a life on spiritual values than it is on worldly things.

How would you describe your life as a preacher's wife?

It isn't an easy life. Preachers live in fish bowls. Everything you do, everything you say is under scrutiny. Everybody knows what's going on in your home. You simply have to live with that in mind always. There's no privacy in a preacher's life actually. But, it can be a very rewarding life. I'm certainly thankful that I was married to a preacher. I am a much better person because of having lived with a preacher.

What advice would you give to a young wife whose husband is thinking about preaching?

Make up your mind to be content. I think one of the problems with preacher's wives is that they cannot adjust to the lack of roots. There is not much chance to put down roots and have a real solid foundation under you. You have to learn to be content with what life metes out to you. So, you make up your mind . . . if Paul could learn to be content in all that he suffered, I can too.

I was accused one time of thinking that when Paul said, "whatsoever state I am in therein to be content" that he meant the state of the Union I am in  I'll be therein content or in whatever situation of life I'll be content.

And be a supporter of your husband's work. Never criticize your husband to someone else. If he just makes a flop on a sermon sometime, you talk to him at home about it. But, don't dare talk to somebody else that you think he just flopped tonight. Completely support him. It's some-times hard, but it can be done.

How did you contribute to brother Lee's work as a preacher?

I think one of the greatest things I did for him was just helping him in his speaking. He had the knowledge. In school he majored in math and science. He didn't know what sentence construction meant. He said, "If you don't know English, the best thing to do is to marry an English major." So, when we first married he said, "I know I don't use good grammar. I don't use good sentence structure. Will you help me in that?" So, his having asked me to do it, then I was perfectly free to point out any of his mistakes.

I worked with him on his oral speaking. Then, when he began his writing, he knew nothing about writing. But, he knew what he wanted to say. So, I would take what he wanted to say and help him put it into the proper words.

What about later in life as he preached, other than encouragement, were there other things you did that you felt contributed to his success in his work?

I kept the home fifes burning to relieve him of as many of the home duties as I could to give him full-time to preaching. I was the one that kept the things running at home. That's an important part because his mind was so absorbed with his work. And he did so much preaching that he didn't have time for the things at home. Well, I never expected him to do those things. That was my work. And I relieved him of as much of it as I could.

How have you adjusted to being a widow?

Simply making up my mind I will be content. Now, it has been terribly hard. The first summer I just think of it as that terrible summer. But, it was a matter of "I will do it. Others have done it. I can." It has been just sheer determination. I'm not going to be miserable the rest of my life. He would not have wanted me to spend. my life grieving. I'm not going to. And I have wrapped myself completely in my classes.         


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Here is a list of some good things that I can do that will help to build myself up, strengthen the church, and encourage my fellowmen:

. I am faithful to be at all the services of the church.

. I take active part in study and worship.

. I visit the sick, the needy, and others.

. I live a clean life in my everyday living. 

. I tell others about our services and encourage them to come.

. I tell others about the Gospel of Christ and its power to save.

. I try to keep our meeting place clean and as presentable as possible.

. I do not tell things nor accept things told by others without due investigation of the truthfulness of such.

. When I see a brother/sister in a fault, whether it be the preacher or any other, I go to them and to them only about their fault.

. I pray to God without ceasing on behalf of myself and my brethren. 

Here is a list of some things that are detrimental to the cause of Christ and to myself:

. I am not faithful in my attendance at the services of the Lord.

. I never study or take part even when I attend.

. I am factious and a dissenter.

. I never visit the sick or needy.

. I don’t always watch what I say and where I go.

. I have habits, or they have me, that harm my body and do no good for anyone.

. I gossip and like to listen to gossip.

. I very seldom talk to anyone about the Bible, the church, or their soul.

. I really have not learned how to pray. 

. I live and dress the way I want to live and dress.          

—Jim Sasser 

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