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W Some view Islam as just a religious movement and have been led to believe that we worship the same God as the Muslims, only under a different name. Muslims call their god, Allah. In the Koran (Qur’am) he is the same God who made Adam, spared Noah in the flood, worshiped by Abraham, gave the Law through Moses and sent Jesus as the Messiah to the Jews. Because there seems to be some parallels between some of the characters in the Bible and the Muslim Koran (Arabic-Qur’am) people assume there is a parallel in theology. This is blatantly false, and this can be seen when examined with the light of divine truth, the Bible. The Allah of Islam is not the same as Jehovah God of the Old Testament Jews or the New Testament Christians.  


Allah of the Koran is not Jehovah of the Bible. Some say Islam is a religion of peace, but this is not so. Islam means “submit,” not “peace.” Islam brings peace only to those who blindly submit to their system (religiously, economically, politically, socially, legally, militarily). To Christians, Islam means persecution, war and death. Muslims act the way they do because of the type god they are taught to follow. He is not the God we know.


Who is this Allah? From ca. 2000 BC the people of Arabia were polytheistic (many gods) and practiced moon worship. At least 400 years before Muhammad, Mecca in Arabia referred to their main deity as Hubal (a moon god). The crescent moon symbol appeared on every minaret. At least 400 years before Muhammad, the Arabs worshipped a variety of deities, but the one named “Hubal” (moon god) was considered the greatest of their gods. He was also referred by the generic name “al-ihah” (the god) later shortened to “Allah” before the time of Muhammad. When Muhammad began his work in 610 AD he dropped the name Hubal but retained the generic term “Allah.” He also retained all the pagan rituals of the Arabs, but redefined them in monotheistic (one god) terms. So, even though Islam claims their worship is monotheistic, their roots are from paganism and moon worship. Today on every mosque and flag in the Islam world the crescent moon is the central figure.


Allah is not Jehovah God revealed in the Bible. Regardless of what Muslims might say, Allah, the god of Islam is in no way comparable to the one true God that we worship as Christians. The Muslim concept of God is based on a misunderstanding of the Old Testament instead of the truth of the New Testament, which more fully explains God. Allah of Islam has a very different personality than Jehovah God revealed in the Bible.


Let’s note some differences. The Allah of Islam is an unknowable and impersonal being that does not relate to or interact with his creation in even a remotely personal way. In Islam, it is blasphemy to refer to Allah as father. To the Muslims calling God your father, is like saying Allah had sex with your mother. Yet, the Christian is taught to call Jehovah God as “our Father” Matt.6:9. Calling God our Father denotes the intimate relationship we maintain with God, as His children 1.Jn.3:1-2, 10; 5:2. Recognizing the Fatherhood of God demands filial or reciprocal love as commanded of his followers Matt.22:36-37. But to the Muslims Allah is an arbitrary, capricious god who acts without rhyme or reason. He is whimsical, unpredictable, governed by irrational impulses. He forgives and punishes as he chooses. There is no assurance that being a good Muslim will save them. Islam’s founder, Muhammad declares, “By Allah, though I am the apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me.” (Hadith - a book of commentary on the Koran), considered by Muslims a sacred book just below the Koran in terms of holiness. From the Koran “To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Whether you show what is within yourselves or conceal it, Allah will bring you to account for it. Then he will forgive whom he wills and punish whom he wills, (my emphasis, t.t.) and Allah is over all things competent” (Sura 2:284). “Do you not know that Allah possesses the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whomever he wills, and is all powerful, how can any Muslim be sure of his fate before Allah? (Sura 5:40). (my emphasis t.t.). If the founder can’t be sure of his fate before Allah, who forgives whom he wills and punishes whom he wills, and yet is all powerful, how can any Muslim be sure of his fate before Allah? 


Allah is certainly not the compassionate loving God we know. Jehovah does not act arbitrarily or capriciously. He is the God of love 1.Jn.4:8, 16; Jn.3:16. This is His nature. It is more than a statement, it is His essence. Think of the song we often sing, “The Love of God.” Our God is no respecter of persons Acts.10:34-35; Rom.2:4-11 and does not choose indiscriminately who will be saved or punished. He does not want anyone to be lost. He wants all to be saved, so He is longsuffering, giving us opportunity after opportunity to get right with Him 1.Tim.2:3-6; 2.Pet.3:9. His grace and mercy has been plainly revealed Tit.2:11 so He is not hard to find Acts 17:24-31. He sent His Son to die for us when we didn’t deserve it Rom.5:8. His love is universal, unlimited and boundless. Based on our obedience He has promised to save anyone who will obey His Son so they may avoid eternal punishment Heb.5:9; 2.Thes.1:7-9. Even though He does not will that anyone be lost and wants all to be saved, it our decision whether we choose to take advantage of His mercy and grace offered though His Son Jesus Christ. Do not believe the hype of the world that tells you otherwise. There is only one true Jehovah God and you can learn about Him in the Bible. He is NOT the Allah of the Koran.

(This series to be continued)

    —Tommy Thornhill

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     Bob Pulliam

I found your note on the door the other day. I just imagine that you came by to see why we were not at the services last Sunday. Well, I feel that I should explain so there will be no misunderstanding. You know that one thing we will never do is miss church without some kind of a real good reason.

Last week was the birthday of the sister of my wife's sister-in-law (by her first marriage). We never miss attending any birthday in 

either of our families. So we just had to be out of town. We left here in time to go to worship over there, but they had early services at 10:30. Is it scriptural to have them earlier? Well, anyway, we did not get to go that morning. We planned to return early enough to make the eveningservices, but the children raised such a ruckus that we stayed until 7:00 PM. The services started over there at 7:30, but we had to leave in 

order to keep from staying out too late with the kids.

Preacher, it would do you good to be out on the road on Sunday morning sometimes. It would give you some idea as to how careless the world is about worshiping Christ. Many of the people we passed had boats behind their cars. Now you know they could at least have gone 

to services first. Think of all the money they spent for motors, boats, and supplies. I wonder if they ever thought of giving some of that 

money to the work of the Lord?

Don't worry about us; I'm convinced that we should leave our contribution here at home. We gave the new members across the street 

our $2.00 to put in for us. I hope that they see it pays to be a regular and liberal giver and attend the services regularly.

We will see you Sunday. Oops, I forgot! Deer season opens next week. But after that we will see you every Sunday.

(Signed: I. M. Weak) 

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