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The question in the title should concern every American, and even more so, all true Christians. Many seem to have their heads in the sand when it comes to the Islamic religion. Many otherwise sincere people, ignorant of the teachings of Islam, unthinkingly join with professed Muslims, seeking to persuade us to believe that Islam is really a religion of peace. They tell us that Islam simply wants to co-exist with other religions, not as an enemy, but a friend. They say the problems are being caused by a few radical terrorists who really do not represent true Islam. But, is this true?


It seems that as the religion of Islam gains a larger foothold in America, and their leaders (many of them radical) voice their intentions to eventually change American society into an Islam state under Sharia law, most people are not alarmed. They do not see the great danger lurking in the shadows. They may have changed their location but not their ideology. Islam is not just a religion to Muslims. It is a way of life, socially, secularly, politically as well as religiously. With this in mind I thought it good to write some articles showing that the religion of Islam is not compatible with true Christianity.


It is my conviction that we should really be aware of the religion of Islam, even if we are not being affected locally at this time. In case you don’t know it, today 1.5 billion Muslims (those who adhere to Islam) make up 22% of the world’s population. Even though they are still in the minority in America they are rapidly become more and more influential in our lives. For this reason I purpose to write some articles, showing that the religion of Islam is not compatible with true Christianity. In them I hope to reveal several differences between Islam and true Christianity.


As I begin to write on this subject I want my readers to understand I bear no animosity against Muslims as a people, or as individuals. I treat any of them I meet with respect, and expect them to do the same toward me. But I am greatly concerned about the danger Islam poses as a religion. It is a ‘false religion’ and it cannot scripturally co-exist with true Christianity. I intend to point out why, but first some observations.


Muslims would have us believe they are a tolerant people, desiring only to live in peace with their neighbors. And I believe a majority of them are peaceful and satisfied with that arrangement, until Islam gains the majority. Once the religion of Islam gains the majority it will be otherwise. Anyone who is observant, soon learns that wherever Islam has gained dominance, their “tolerance” suddenly becomes one of “intolerance” toward anyone who have a different faith than Islam. Just look what is happening in the Middle Eastern countries today.


Most of the focus of the main stream media news is centering, at this time, on the hoard of refugees fleeing the turbulent atrocities happening in their war-torn countries. They are seeking asylum to escape the fanatical Islamic groups who are destroying anything and anyone who opposes their form of religion, which is both secular and spiritual. While the refugees seek relief and protection from the turmoil, they are at the same time bringing their religion of Islam with them. They are flooding into nearby countries by the thousands, welcome or not. Actions of past eras show what will happen. Once in the country they will settle down, but will not assimilate into the country’s society. Instead they will colonize and begin trying to force the host country’s society to conform to their Muslim way of life. Even though we here in America have not yet experienced the great influx the European countries are now dealing with, we may soon be doing so. We can see the things described above happening in some parts of America at the present time.


Muslim immigrants have come into America, wanting to be given a place to live so they can enjoy the benefits. But, instead of assimilating into the society around them, they demand society change its practices to conform to theirs. They don’t just want freedom to practice their secular type religion they expect everyone else to practice it also. While the majority of Muslims are not fanatical, they are like sheep. They can be easily stirred up and led by radical, intolerant leaders into doing things that are wicked. 


Regardless of what some think, Islam is not a religion to be ignored. We should not underestimate its growing power. It advances by the use of force and fear, not by persuasion as Christianity does. A fellow gospel preacher, Ney Rieber, after years of research wrote a book entitled “A Resource For The Study Of Islam.” Rieber reported at the time: “There are about a billion Muslims in the world. There are 50 Muslim majority countries in the world: 21 in Asia, 28 in Africa, and I in Europe. There are 13 other Muslim majority states/areas under occupation by different powers.” p.40. This was over 25 years ago. Today the numbers are much larger. The religious movement known as Islam started by a man calling himself the prophet Muhammad in Arabia ca. 622 AD with a handful of followers now numbers 1.5 billion Muslims (those who adhere to Islam) in the world. This is 22% of the world’s population. Wherever this religion has been established it is so deeply engrained in the lives of its members that it affects every aspect of their lives. While many in America seem to be aware of this religious movement and the part it is playing in the world community, they understand very little of the Muslim religion itself. 

(This study will be continued in the next issue)

—Tommy Thornhill

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Here is a list of some good things that I can do that will help to build myself up, strengthen the church, and encourage my fellowmen:

     . I am faithful to be at all the services of the church. 

     . I take active part in study and worship. 

     . I visit the sick, the needy, and others. 

     . I live a clean life in my everyday living. 

     . I tell others about our services and encourage them to come. 

     . I tell others about the Gospel of Christ and its power to save. 

     . I try to keep our meeting place clean and presentable as possible. 

     . I do not tell things nor accept things told by others without due investigation of the truthfulness of such. 

     . When I see a brother in a fault, whether it be the preacher or any other brother, I go to him and to him only about his fault. 

     . I pray to God without ceasing on behalf of myself and my brethren. 

Here is a list of some things that are detrimental to the cause of Christ and to myself:

     . I am not faithful in my attendance at the services of the Lord. 

     . I rarely study or take part even when I attend. 

     . I am factious and a dissenter. 

     . I rarely visit the sick or needy. 

     . I don't always watch what I say and where I go. 

     . I have habits, or they have me, that harm my body and do no good for anyone. 

     . I gossip and like to listen to gossip. 

     . I seldom talk to anyone about the Bible, the church, or his soul. 

     . I really have not learned how to pray. 

     . I live and dress in a way that is not becoming to a Christian. 

—Jim Sasser

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