Know Your Bible

VOL. 8                           October 25, 2009                           NO. 42

Men Who Should Not Preach

    The word of God has much to say about preachers and preaching; their qualifications are very important. Men who preach the gospel should be Christians in the fullest sense of the word. I believe that the word of God also points out that there are some men who should not preach. Let us look at this subject and make a list, with the gospel as our guide, of men who should not preach.

1. Men who do not love God supremely and do not put Him first in their lives (Matt. 22:37).

2. Men who do not know the will of God (Acts 22:14; Eph. 5:17).

3. Men who are afraid to preach the "whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:26–27).

4. Men who have a desire to please men and strive to do so (Gal. 1:10).

5. Men who see preaching as a way to make material gain (2 Pet. 2:3; Titus 1:11).

6. Men who will not pay their honest debts (Rom. 12:17).

7. Men who do not set a godly example before others (I Tim. 4:12).

8. Men who love to have preeminence and cannot work under godly elders (2 John 9; Heb. 13:17).

9. Men who do not love the brethren (John 13:34–35).

10. Men who are "eaten up" with jealousy of other preachers, elders, or other brethren (Gal. 5:20–21).

11. Men who are given to hate, revenge and bitterness (Eph. 4:31; Rom. 12:19).

12. Men who cannot learn contentment (I Tim. 6:6–8; Phil. 4:10–11).

13. Men whose wives are discontent, worldly, jealous, carry gossip, or who have no real devotion to the cause of Christ (I Tim. 2:9–10; Tit. 2:4–5; I John 2:15–16).

14. Men who are not willing to make real sacrifice (Rom. 12:1–2; 2 Tim. 2:3).

15. Men who are not able to "bear up" under constant problems (2 Tim. 4:5; 2:3).

16. Men who cannot preach the vital truths of the gospel just as stern and unrelenting as they are written in opposition to error and sin, week-in and week-out (2 Tim. 4:2–5).

17. Men who can be "bluffed off" preaching what needs to be preached by guilty members who squirm under the fire of the gospel of Christ (2 Tim. 4:2–4).

18. Men who will not deal with vital issues that face God’s people (I Tim. 4:1–6).

19. Men who have "eyes full of adultery" (2 Pet. 2:14), who "creep into houses" (2 Tim. 3:6) and beguile unstable women (2 Pet. 2:14) into adultery (I Cor. 6:18; I Tim. 5:2).

20. Men who are not willing to "take hold" and deal with vital subjects which directly affect his hearers in the work_place, in business, home and social life; subjects like honesty, immodesty, fornication, drinking, cursing, divorce and remarriage, etc. (Rom. 12:17; I Tim. 2:9; I Cor. 6:18; Matt. 19:9; Gal. 5:19–21).

Our conclusion is in the words of H. Leo Boles:

    "No hypocrite can preach the truth of God with the power and persuasion that should ever accompany the preaching of the gospel." … "No preacher can preach the gospel as it should be preached unless he preaches because his heart is in the work, and not for ‘filthy lucre’s sake’, but of a ready mind." (GOSPEL ADVOCATE, March 31, 1932).

    "If churches today are to continue their mission, they must be taught…by preachers who are clothed with the humility of Christ and have the courage of their convictions. All the churches should be praying that God will give us God-fearing, truth-loving, earnest, faithful men for preachers and teachers of His word." (GOSPEL ADVOCATE, April 7, 1932).

---Donald Townsley

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No Love

    A wife tearfully confides in a close friend. The problem? She’s sure her husband doesn’t love her any more. No, he hasn’t come right out and said so, but the signs are abundant. Not only has he stopped doing the kind and thoughtful things that characterized the early years of their marriage, but now he has become increasing withdrawn. He seldom speaks. When conversations do take place, he is easily provoked and quickly resorts to harsh and hateful words. Of late, he has been staying away from home more and more. "Had to work late," or "Out with friends" is his explanation. Without saying so he has truly conveyed the message to his wife: "I don’t love you any more."

    This scenario is not exclusive to marriages. Other close relationships can go the same way. For instance: a Christian stops doing the "extra" things that characterized the early years of his life in Christ. He was enthused and zealous back then. He talked to everyone about the Lord, and actively tried to bring others to Christ. But now he’s grown "cold." He seldom prays. He finds excuses to stay away from the assemblies and to neglect personal study, work and growth. "Lots of pressure at work right now," and "Just not enough time in the day" are his explanations. Without actually saying the words, he’s definitely sending the message to God: "I don’t love you any more."

    Among the fellow Christians a similar thing can happen. Once there was a closeness and a bond that folks could actually sense. But by neglect and mistakes the relationship suffers. Harsh words and badly handled situations result in hurt feelings and "nursed" grudges. After some time, it’s easier to simply do nothing. "Too busy," we claim. And although the words were never spoken, the message is clear - there is no love left any more. And in the process, we have denied our discipleship (John 13:35).


---Greg Gwin

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