What Happens After Death?

A.	Much speculation and many ideas given to answer this question.
B.	As with all questions, God's word must be accepted above everything else.

I.	Separation Of Body and Soul (Spirit). Jas. 2:26; Eccl. 12:7; Gen. 35:18
	A.	Spirit lives after death:
		1.	Lk. 20:38- God is not God of dead but of living. (Abraham, Issac, Jacob)
		2.	Lk. 16:19-31 - Rich man could see, hear, talk, plead, and remember.
		3.	Rev. 6:9,10- Knew why they were killed and blood had not been avenged.

II.	We Do NOT Go To Heaven Or Hell At Death. Jn. 14:1-3; I Thess. 4:17; Acts 2:34.

III.	We Go To Hades. "Hell" is the unfortunate translation in KJV.
	A.	"Hades" means unseen, unseen world, the abode of disembodied spirits.
	B.	It is the place where ALL dead go, even Christ. Acts 2:27,31.
		1.	Jesus told thief, he would be with Him in "paradise". Lk. 23:43.
		2.	Upon the moment of His death, Jesus said, "'Father, into thy hands I 			
			commend my spirit". V. 46
			a.	Stephen made similar statement. Acts 7:59.
		3.	Jesus did not go to Heaven. Jn. 20:17
		4.	Gates of Hell did not prevent Jesus from building the church. Mt. 16:18
	C.	Hades is divided into two places. Lk. 16
		1.	"Paradise" also called "Abraham's bosom". V. 22,23.
			a.	A place of comfort. V.25.
		2.	"Tartarus"- part of Hades where wicked go. 2 Pet. 2:4
			a.	A place of torment. Lk. 16:25
		3.	Both Lazarus and rich man were in Hades but in different states or 			
			a.	Between these two states was a "great gulf fixed". V. 26
			b.	No passage permitted between the two places. V. 26
		4.	Righteous who die in the Lord are at rest (Rev. 14:13), but wicked are in 			
			torments: Both awaiting the resurrection (Jn. 5:28,29) and judgment (Rom. 			
			14:10; 2 Cor. 5:10).

IV.	Another Meaning Of The Word "Hell".
	A.	"Gehenna" - eternal punishment.
		1.	Described in:
			a.	Mt 25:41 - "everlasting fire"
			b.	Mk. 9:43-48 - "fire that never shall be quenched"
			c.	Rev. 20:10- "lake of fire and brimstone'"
				:14 - "lake of fire" ..."second death"
				:15 - "lake of fire"

	A.	To help better understand "Hades", let's realize there are three different states 		
		of the human spirit (soul):
		1.	Spirit with the physical body - this is our existence on earth that ends 			
			in physical death. Jas. 2:26.
		2.	Spirit separated from the physical body - this begins at death and ends 			
			with resurrection. Hades is emptied of all it inhabitants. Rev. 20:13.
		3.	Spirit is reunited with resurrected spiritual body - this continues 			
			forever. 1 Cor. 15:44. Death and Hades is then destroyed. Rev. 20:14

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