Biblical faith is not blind as some people think. It must be based on EVIDENCE. I believe in God and the Bible, to be His inspired word, because there is sufficient reason.

We must realize there are two types of evidence: Scientific and Historical. Many people ask, "Give me scientific proof that there is a God and the Bible is inspired by God". They believe the only way a thing can be proven is scientifically. We must reply, "We cannot give scientific proof that God is!" The reason being that God and the Bible do not fall under the realm of scientific evidence.

The key components of science are TESTING and OBSERVATION. Because of this, science deals in the natural realm of what can be observed and tested. However, there are many things that are true that science CANNOT prove. Can your birth be proven scientifically? No, it cannot. The birthing process can be proven scientifically but not YOUR birth. Your birth is an historical event and cannot be put to the test of science. Where you were yesterday cannot be proven scientifically! Yesterday is gone and cannot be brought back, however your birth and what you did yesterday were real and did happen. By the same token, creation cannot be proven scientifically because it cannot be observed and tested. Neither can the "Big Bang" or any of the numerous theories of the origin of the universe be proven scientifically! Science is beneficial and has it place but it also has its limitations.

How do we know George Washington lived, that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, or that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo? These are historical facts that have passed the test of historical research. Historical evidence is based on eyewitness accounts as well as written documents and records. By this same token, we know that Jesus Christ lived, died, and was seen alive after His death. There is reliable, historical data that can be researched. It cannot be observed and tested by science but verified through historical investigation. No, Biblical faith is not blind acceptance.

---E.R. Hall, Jr.

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