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"As Long As It Doesn't Harm Anyone!"January 3
Applying God's WordJanuary 3
Strange MarriageJanuary 10
Teaching Our Kids The Things That Are Most ImportantJanuary 10
On The Use Of Church FacilitiesJanuary 17
Chance Or Providence?January 17
My Sermons -- Then & NowJanuary 24
Protecting The Wrong LifeJanuary 24
Dressing Our Daughters Like ProstitutesJanuary 31
If Only...January 31
Discipline In The HomeFebruary 7
Rate YourselfFebruary 7
Wednesday Night ServicesFebruary 7
"God Isn't Fixing This!"February 14
"The Fullness"February 14
An Atheist's View On LifeFebruary 14
Turkey Vultures and SinFebruary 21
Truth Does Not Matter Anymore!February 21
Peach Or Apricot Wine?February 28
The Truth About ProhibitionFebruary 28
Those Who Have No Right To Speak God's WordMarch 6
Changes I've Seen Since I've Been PreachingMarch 13
Present ThreatsMarch 13
A Really "BIG" Word!March 20
It's A Serious Sin To Discourage OthersMarch 20
Preachers and OpinionsMarch 20
The Method Of ApproachMarch 27
Why Every Church Needs Elders!April 3
What The Church Is NOT!April 10
Do We "Lay It To The Heart"?April 10
Living It Up Without GodApril 17
"Lord, I Want To Be Closer To You!"April 17
How Men Act When They RepentApril 24
The Christian and ConscienceApril 24
What Does This Gospel Meeting Mean To You?May 1
Be Ready To Get To Work!May 1
"Is Any Merry? Let Him Sing."May 8
Legal But Not MoralMay 8
What Christians Need To Know About Jehovah's WitnessesMay 15
Show Me Your Friends...May 15
Am I Forsaking?May 22
Mighty Oaks From Little AcornsMay 29
Slowly Changing The ChurchMay 29
A Harlot's AttireJune 5
Practical Rules For A Happy MarriageJune 5
The GospelJune 5
Are All Churches Of Christ Alike?June 12
Commitment and JoyJune 19
Euphemizing SinJune 19
Will There Be A Judgement Day?June 26
A Working FaithJune 26
The "Market Driven" Approach and Cultural InfluenceJuly 3
We Can't Overcome Your Bad ExampleJuly 3
What Am I Worth To This Local Congregation?July 10
RepentanceJuly 10
Do What's Right -- Anyway!July 10
The Three Most Challenging Hours Of The WeekJuly 17
Are They Spiritually Minded?July 17
The War Against God!July 24
Teaching Children About FornicationJuly 31
Is Your Religion Generic?July 31
How Social Media Posts Can Signal Spiritual ProblemsAugust 7
Do What On Sunday?August 7
The Reason Why One Is Baptized Is ImportantAugust 14
What's Happening To Our Young People?August 14
Influencing Our ChildrenAugust 14
'Come As You Are'August 21
"This Is The Way God Made Me" - A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the "Gay Gene"August 28
Choosing Between Christ and KinSeptember 4
Godly BodiesSeptember 4
The Preacher and The Atheistic BarberSeptember 4
Why I Am Not A NazareneSeptember 11
Some Questions About Your Baptism...September 11
Moral HolinessSeptember 18
Be Careful With The Blame GameSeptember 18
Behold, The Lamb and The LionSeptember 25
When Is A 'Miracle' Really A Miracle?September 25
Preaching That Preachers Must Give And Christians Must DemandOctober 2
Can We Believe The Bible?October 9
Pastor vs PreacherOctober 9
Fellowshipping Or Combating ErrorOctober 16
"I'm Not Included!"October 16
We Dare You To Try This For One Month!October 16
Have You Ever Been Mad At God?October 23
Denying God SecretlyOctober 30
Influencing Our ChildrenOctober 30
"You're NOT Going To Change Me!"October 30
How To Listen In ChurchNovember 6
Excuses Are Not Reasons!November 6
"Preach, But Leave Others Alone"November 13
"Kill The Spider!"!November 13
Why Aren't They Mentioned?November 20
A Hairy ReminderNovember 20
Commenting On Prosperity PreachingNovember 27
Wine In The Bible - How Fermentation Was PreventedNovember 27
Reasons To Discipline Our ChildrenDecember 4
I Do, But I Don'tDecember 4
The Cost Of Influence And ReputationDecember 4
"But That Would Mean We Have Always Been Wrong!"December 11
What We KNOW About ChristmasDecember 18
When Was Jesus Born?December 18
Can Christians Help Support The Salvation Army?December 18
The Work God Gave The Local ChurchDecember 25