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Dealing With Others January 1
The Separation Of God's PeopleJanuary 1
When Will This Congregation Depart?January 8
Parents, Teach!January 15
"I Don't Need The Church!"January 15
God Is Not...January 15
"Witnessing!"January 22
Christians Believe In Global Warming!January 22
The Appeal Of The Forbidden TreeJanuary 29
Are There Good People In All Churches?January 29
VirtueJanuary 29
It Can't Be Done!January 29
'You Did Me Wrong; But I Still Love You!'February 5
If You Are Planning To PreachFebruary 5
LiberalFebruary 12
Are My Friends A Blessing?February 12
Does The Bible Encourage Bigotry?February 19
Is This An Active And Growing Church?February 19
An Interview With Mrs. Irven Lee Part IFebruary 26
Human PhilosophyFebruary 26
An Interview With Mrs. Irven Lee Part 2March 5
How Are You Doing?March 5
An Interview With Mrs. Irven Lee Part 3March 12
The Invited StrangerMarch 12
An Interview With Mrs. Irven Lee ConclusionMarch 19
Are You Starving To Death?March 26
InfluenceMarch 26
David And The ShewbreadMarch 26
"Speak, Do Not Keep Silent!"March 26
What Does 1 Cor. 11:3 Teach About The Role Of Women?April 2
Jesus' Approach To Bible AuthorityApril 9
The Prescription For GrowthApril 9
Beware Of The Leaven Of PoliticsApril 16
Accurate Use Of Religious TitlesApril 16
When Should We Deal With Controversial Subjects?April 23
It Doesn't Count Unless...April 23
When Forgiveness Is Not PossibleApril 23
Premarital WallpaperingApril 30
Are You Tired Of All The Gimmicks?April 30
The Power Of A Young Person's InfluenceApril 30
A Problem Area For PreachersMay 7
Dealing With FlatteryMay 7
"Numbers" vs Real GrowthMay 7
Comparing RighteousnessMay 14
"He That Is Without Sin Among You..."May 21
Reviving Our ZealMay 28
Easy, Or Right?June 4
Handicapped By PrideJune 4
"Just One Drink"June 4
Holding A Church HostageJune 11
"Every Secret Thing"June 11
Why 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' Churches Of Christ?June 18
"Traditional', "Contemporary', or Scriptural?June 18
Leaving A VacancyJune 18
I'm From The Old SchoolJune 25
Painless, Pointless, Profitless PreachingJuly 2
'The Future Of The Church'July 9
Do You Feel Saved?July 16
A Health Care Reality CheckJuly 16
Parents Be Consistent With Your AttendanceJuly 23
God's Name -- Handle With CareJuly 23
"I'd Like You To Meet My Pastor..."July 23